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The following are some basic questions that we will need to have some direction on to properly price out a building for you. Don’t feel at this time you need to know the absolute answer to all these questions but they will help us put you in a building that best fits the application and your budget. Thanks for reaching out to us. We look forward to earning your business and working with you on this project.

David Fitzpatrick

Irishspan Steel Buildings

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Basic questions.

  • Location (town)
  • Use of the building. (Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Aircraft Hanger, Shop,…)
  • Size of the building. Width (gable end) / Length (side wall) / Height ( where the roof meets the wall)
  • Roof pitch? (1:12 - 6:12) double slop, or maybe a single slop with a high and low side.
  • Overhead doors. Size (W x H) if they are slated to go in the side wall the building will need to be a minimum of 2’ higher than the door.
  • Insulation?
  • # of pass doors?
  • # of windows?
  • Concrete. (Slab on grade, or frost wall with exposed concrete)
  • What would our involvement be? (Complete construction, Design and drop off, Turn Key)
  • How soon of a project is this for you?


  • Soffits (where the roof overhangs the side wall – typically 1’ – 1.5’)
  • Roof extensions (2’ through 15+’)
  • Cupola
  • Wanes coating. (multiple color options)
  • Liner panels